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City Advantages

Inheriting Tao from Qilu in connection with Haidai

·Located at the throat of the peninsula, it is an important regional central city in Shandong, an important coastal city around Bohai Sea, a national comprehensive transportation hub city and a regional high-speed rail hub city.

·A Modern Transportation Hub City "Embraces Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Joins Hands with Yangtze River Delta and Joins Northeast Asia to Join the Belt and Road".

Open and Inclusive with Full Vitality

· It establishes trade relations with 213 countries and regions with more than 30 Fortune Global 500 developing here.

·Agriculture applies "Zhucheng Model", "Weifang Model" and "Shouguang Model", approved to build the only national comprehensive experimental area for agricultural open development.

·In the manufacturing industry, hundred billion-level industries have been formed, including machinery, chemical industry, textile, food and paper, with a large number of leading enterprises such as Weichai, Chenming, Goertek and Himile.

Long History and Rich Details

·From ancient times till now, there have been many sages who have had a profound influence on Chinese philosophy, agriculture, painting, literature and other fields.

·The world kite city, national civilized city, national health city, national forest city, national environmental protection model city, national food safety model city, and an outstanding tourist city in China.

Business- and Industry-friendly, Trustworthy and Livable

·Weifang adheres to the development concept of "Industry First, Enterprise Foremost, Tax Payment Honorable, Employment Important", fully promotes the "One-off Procedures" reform, and devotes itself to creating a business environment "comparable to Jiangsu and Zhejiang and comparable in China".

·With basic education, house price and land price, electricity and energy supply and ecological environment, the city can meet the all-round needs of investors from entrepreneurship to life.

Development Needs

Deepening cooperation in rural revitalization fields

Gathering essential resources to accelerate the construction of the "Five Centers" in the core area, build a national leading area for agricultural open development, a leading area for agricultural scientific and technological innovation, and a rural demonstration area for the integration and development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Deepening cooperation in the field of transformation of new and old kinetic energy

Adhering to the manufacturing industry as a breakthrough, focusing on advantageous industrial clusters such as high-end equipment, automobile manufacturing, high-end chemical industry, etc., striving to build an international power city, high-end chemical industry base, virtual reality industry base, and build Weichai New Energy Power Industrial Park and USD 100-billion supporting industrial park. The multiplication project for emerging industries is implemented deeply. Priority will be given to the development of new generation information technology, new energy and new materials, as well as new formats and new modes such as the Internet of Things and cloud manufacturing. There are major projects that have been landed, such as Robot Xiason, Digital Economy of Fusion Group and Israeli Proton and Heavy Ion.

Deepening cooperation in high-end service sectors

The investment attraction and cultivation of high-end service sector are enhanced in an all-round way to attract more entrepreneurs to set up institutions, establish parks and invest in projects in Weifang, promoting the high-quality development of modern service industries.

Deepening cooperation in financial innovation field in an all-around way

The number of domestic and overseas listed enterprises, enterprises listed in New OTC and enterprises listed in regional equity trading center reached 34, 52 and 932 enterprises respectively. There are 2751 enterprises that have finished reconstructing, ranking first in Shandong. Layout of financial industry parks such as Kuiwen Financial Center, Binhai Financial Enclave Pilot Zone, High-tech Financial Culture Town, Xiashan Fund Town and other financial gathering areas.

Deepening cooperation in major infrastructure areas in an all-around way

Focusing on building a comprehensive transportation hub in the peninsula and the Circum-Bohai-Sea Region to fully speed up the construction of major infrastructure such as ports, expressways, railways and rail transits. Pushing forward the projects such as Second High-speed Rail Corridor between Beijing and Shanghai, Weilai High Speed Railway Qingdao-Weifang Intercity Railway, and Weifang-Yantai High speed Railway. Carrying out the preparatory work for Jinan-Weifang, Weifang-Huangdao, Weifang-Jiaodong Airport, Weifang Port Expressway and Laizhou-Dongjiakou Port.

Key Industries

Medical care and health industry

Targeting at domestic and foreign industry leaders, high-end industries, scientific research institutions and innovative talents, Weifang has promoted investment from well-known medical institutions, high-end specialized and general hospitals, high-end medical materials, wearable medical equipment, high-performance medical devices, combination of medical care and health, high-end aged care and sports service projects; introduced projects such as bio-medicine, modern traditional Chinese medicine and new chemicals; cultivated and promoted key parks such as Weifang Biomedical Science and Technology Industrial Park and Qingzhou Health Industrial Park; and built a national medical care and health combination demonstration pilot area and a national traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive reform pilot area.

Cultural tourism industry

Recruiting modern and contemporary art, online audio-visual, mobile media, digital publication, animation and games, film and television media, creative design, etc., and introducing social capital to build a batch of leading cultural enterprises. Attracting investment for major tourism projects such as Binhai vacation tourism, new format tourism, cultural tourism, village tourism, festival and business tourism, and introducing high-star hotels, cultural theme hotels, tourism equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc. Weifang has promoted the in-depth integration of culture and tourism, cultivated and promoted cultural tourism boutique areas and small towns such as Fangtze Eurotown, Seaside Tourism Resort, Zhongchen (Qingzhou) International Cultural and Art Town, Red Sorghum Town, Zhucheng Dinosaur Cultural Tourism Zone, etc.; built cultural industry clusters with Weifang characteristics, built smart tourism cities, and launched the brand of cultural tourism destination for "Kite City".

High-end chemical industry

According to the deployment requirements of the management of ocean, Weifang has focused on building a high-end chemical industry base to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. Attracting investment to promote marine chemical industry, marine engineering equipment, seawater desalination, marine new energy, marine biology, marine new materials and modern marine service industry; focusing on key areas such as crude oil and natural gas processing and petroleum products manufacturing, basic chemical raw materials manufacturing, chemical fiber and synthetic materials manufacturing, specialized chemicals and daily chemicals manufacturing, etc.; inviting investment for petrochemical refining integration, aromatics, ethylene, light hydrocarbons, para-xylene, chlorinated polymers, bromine deep processing and other related industrial chain projects; cultivated and upgraded key parks such as Binhai Port Chemical Park, Shouguang Yangkou Bohai Chemical Park, Changyi Xiaying Chemical Industrial Park; built a 100 billion-level petrochemical industrial cluster on the south bank of Bohai Sea to set up a national high-end chemical industrial base.

New energy and new materials industry

Promoting investment in clean energy, advanced fuel cells, efficient energy storage, utilization of solar energy resources, biomass gas supply and heat supply and other equipment manufacturing enterprises, projects such as bio-based new materials, advanced polymer materials, special metal functional materials, high-performance fibers and composite materials, etc. Building Weichai New Energy Power Industrial Park. Establishing a fuel cell vehicle technology innovation chain and industrial chain, and building China's largest new energy drive motor manufacturing base, commercial vehicle new energy power assembly system manufacturing base and the world's leading hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing base. Promoting the construction of Weifang bio-based new materials, Gaomi green security products, Anqiu composite new materials and other industrial parks.

Automobile manufacturing industry

Focusing on key areas such as vehicle manufacturing, special vehicle production, new energy vehicle industry chain, etc.; inviting investment from high-end commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, special vehicles, key parts of automobiles, basic raw materials for automobiles and other automobile manufacturing enterprises; introducing new energy passenger vehicles, new energy power assemblies, key parts of new energy automobiles and R&D projects such as drive control, intelligent networking, power batteries, automatic driving, etc.; cultivating and upgrading key parks such as Fotan Zhucheng Plant and Parts Industrial Park, Byvinauto New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, etc., and building an important automobile manufacturing and new energy automobile manufacturing base in the Shandong and even in China.

New generation of IT industry

Promoting investment from leading enterprises in industries such as Internet of Things, big data, AI, optoelectronics and integrated circuit, new display, information communication equipment, VR, network security, lidar, geographic information, high-end software and system integration, intelligent instrument equipment, service and home intelligent terminals, new electronic components, materials etc., and high-level research institutions, innovative small and medium-sized businesses. Fostering and expanding key parks such as the Goertek Smart City, the Internet of Things Industrial Park and the Shandong Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Industrial Park, building an information technology industry system that integrates ubiquitous interconnection and intelligent security, and enhancing the support capability of digital technology for economic and social development.

High-end equipment industry

Focusing on building an "International Power City" to strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry around the strategic goal of "Made in China 2025". Adhering to the direction of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and focusing on investment promotion in high-end power equipment, intelligent agricultural machinery equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, robots and materials manufacturing, general aviation equipment and other fields. Weifang's investment promotion and cooperation projects will foster key parks such as Weichai 100-billion-dollar supporting industrial park, high-end equipment manufacturing civil-military integration industrial park, Xiasun (Weifang) wisdom park, and the national intelligent agricultural machinery industrial base, so as to speed up the construction of Bohai Rim high-end equipment manufacturing industrial base.

Modern agriculture

Promoting "Zhucheng Model", "Weifang Model" and "Shouguang Model" on innovation; attracting investment in the fields of modern seed industry, agricultural product inspection, deep processing of agricultural products, village complex, facility agriculture, information agriculture, creative agriculture, leisure agriculture, intelligent agricultural machinery, village e-commerce and other fields, and agricultural "New Six Proceeds" will be vigorously developed. Introducing leading industry projects, full industrial chain projects and high-end R&D projects, accelerating the construction of major national platforms such as the National Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Open Agricultural Development and the National Vegetable Quality Standard Center, and attracting social capital to invest in the construction of pastoral complex projects such as Hanting International Seed R&D Cluster and Anqiu Agricultural Valley, so as to create a Qilu model for revitalization in rural areas from a high starting point.

Leading enterprises

Land Biological

Shandong Land Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the south bank of Laizhou Bay in Bohai Sea, Yangkou High-tech Industrial Park in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, the beautiful "Town for Fishing, Salt and Vegetable". The company is the only high-tech enterprise in China that has bought out the patent technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, produced bio-based succinic acid by bio-fermentation method, and produced bio-based PBS degradable plastic with succinic acid as raw material. The company covers an area of 1,500 mu and the total design scale of the project: 500,000 tons/year of bio-based succinic acid and 200,000 tons/year of bio-based PBS degradable plastic, with a total investment of RMB 5 billion, constructed in three phases. The first phase has an investment of RMB 1 billion and a construction scale: 120,000 tons/year of bio-based succinic acid and 50,000 tons/year of bio-based PBS products. The first 60,000 tons/year production line of the first phase was completed and put into operation in September 2017, with the bio-based succinic acid products produced of excellent quality, well recognized by the multiple users.

The company boasts about a strong R&D technical force for its products listed in the national "863" key project. It is an Academician Workstation and Postdoctoral Workstation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a leading enterprise of Weifang Bio-based New Materials Base at the national level. With in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University and Tianjin Institute of Biotechnology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has successively established a microbial fermentation laboratory, a molecular biology laboratory, and a PBS degradable plastic and its modified product R&D laboratory. The company has used the world's most advanced bio-fermentation technology to build China's largest bio-based succinic acid and bio-based PBS industrial base.

The company uses brand-new biological strain fermentation technology for production, which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and non-toxic from raw materials, production process to finished products. With the strengthening of national environmental protection, it is imperative to promote the control of white pollution of all bio-based degradable plastics. The bio-based succinic acid produced therefrom has a very broad development prospect for it is the only raw material for manufacturing all bio-based degradable plastic PBS, which is irreplaceable.

Gaomi Red Sorghum Group

Gaomi Red Sorghum Group is a diversified enterprise group integrating cultural investment, import and export trade, property management and private capital investment. It is the first municipal state-owned enterprise in Weifang that combines culture and tourism. The company has a registered capital of RMB 738 million and total assets of over RMB 3 billion. Since its establishment in September 2008, the company has concentrated on investing in a number of influential engineering projects such as real estate buildings, high-end talent pioneer park, Northeast township tourist reception center, Jiang Zhuang folk art village, red sorghum film and television city, etc.

Gaomi Red Sorghum Group serves as an important market platform for Gaomi to implement the "Strengthening of the city by culture". Through setting up a new concept of city management and innovating market financing methods, as a new mechanism of "Government guidance, market operation and company management", the company focuses on building Gaomi Northeast Township cultural tourism into a well-known "museum" of China's 100-year rural culture with strong local characteristics in China, and uses it as an engine to promote the expansion and strengthening of the group company, thus stimulating the development of tourism, culture, catering, commerce, logistics and other industries in Gaomi City.

Goertek Inc.

Goertek Inc. was established in June, 2001 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May, 2008. It is a global sci-tech innovation enterprise, mainly engaged in R&D, manufacture and sales of acoustic, photoelectric and precision components, intelligent machines and high-end equipment. At present, it has established comprehensive competitiveness in many fields.

Adhering to the concept of one-stop service to create greater value for customers, Goertek has explored into the upper and lower reaches of the industrial value chain and has reached a stable, close and long-term strategic cooperation relationship with well-known international customers in the consumer electronics field. Goertek has built a platform for precision processing and intelligent manufacturing highly vertically integrated in the value chain from upstream precision components and modules to downstream intelligent hardware, from mold, injection molding and surface treatment to independent design and manufacture of high-precision automatic wires, thus providing customers with all-round services.

Goertek R&D has spread all over the world. Its R&D centers have been set up in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Taiwan and other places, with acousto-optic as the main technology direction, providing systematic overall solutions through integration of cross-domain technologies.

Shandong Delisi Food Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1986, Shandong Delisi Food Co., Ltd. is a large food company specializing in pig slaughtering, chilled meat, low-temperature meat products, and conditioning food processing.

Now it has developed into a national large-scale first-class enterprise group integrating improved variety pig breeding, standardized feeding, feed production, veterinary drug epidemic prevention, pig slaughtering, meat processing and bio-engineering. At present, it has 26 branches with more than 5,000 employees.