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Development Advantage

The birthplace of modern industry

·It is one of the earliest cities to open the commercial port in northern China and one of the birthplaces of modern industry.

·In 1892, in order to "prosper China with industry and commerce", the patriotic overseas Chinese leader Zhang Bishi set up "Changyu" Wine Co., Ltd.

·In 1915, the first clock factory in China, "Polaris", came into being.

·In 1930, the lock brand "Tri-circle" was born in China's first lock factory, Chengming Lock Making Factory.

Investment in production in the forefront

·In 2018, Yantai's GDP was RMB 783.3 billion, ranking in the top among areas under city-level jurisdiction in China and third in the Shandong.

·Yantai's total industrial output value was RMB 1.04 trillion, with 47 listed companies and 48 stocks at home and abroad, ranking first in Shandong.

·More than 100 Enterprises of Fortune Global 500 have invested in Yantai, with the accumulated foreign capital of USD 36.8 billion.

Unique regional advantage

·Yantai is one of the central cities in Shandong Peninsula and an important port city in the Bohai Rim area. Yantai is an important node city in the Bohai Economic Rim

·It is a backbone city of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, one of China's first 14 coastal open cities, and a coastal city in China.

·It is the only international grape · wine city in Asia, and a port city with priority given by "the belt and road initiative" national strategy.

·National historical and cultural city, national civilized city, and China's famous "Snowy City".

Development of civilization and economy

·Yantai is the only prefecture-level city in Shandong and the only two cities in China that have won the "Five Consecutive Championships" as a civilized city.  

·It is the third batch of national comprehensive pilot areas for new urbanization. In 2018, Yantai's GDP was RMB 783.258 billion.

·In 2018, it ranked 24th in China's Top 100 Cities, 19th in China's Top 100 Cities for GDP, Top 100 in China's Urban Overall Well-off Index, and 8th in the Best Prefecture-level Cities in Mainland China.

Development Goals

Yantai focuses on the development of advanced manufacturing, new energy vehicles, aerospace, marine engineering equipment, nuclear power equipment, medical health, new materials, intelligent robots and IT, big data mining and application technology.

Its output value of modern marine industry will reach RMB 330 billion

Its output value of the equipment manufacturing industry will reach RMB 500 billion

It will cultivate 1 enterprise with sales revenue of over RMB 100 billion and 2 enterprises with sales revenue of over RMB 10 billion.

Its output value of high-end chemical industry will reach RMB 250 billion.

Its added value of cultural and creative industries will reach RMB 60 billion, with tourism sales totaling RMB 160 billion.

The output value of the city's medical care and health industry will reach RMB 110 billion.

The city's total social logistics has reached RMB 3.3 trillion.

So as to build an important modern efficient agricultural demonstration area in China.

Investment Demand

First, the modern marine industry. As a peninsula city, Yantai has more than 230 islands, 1,038 kilometers of coastline, 26,000 square kilometers of sea area, and most of 16 counties, cities and districts under its jurisdiction are near the ocean. With the unique natural environment, Yantai's marine economy ranks in the forefront of China all the time. In 2018, the city's marine economic output reached RMB 223 billion, up 11%. Recently, Yantai has given full play to the advantages of the marine equipment manufacturing industry and vigorously promoted the construction of marine ranching. It has successively established 7 national and 16 provincial demonstration areas of marine ranching, with an area of more than 1 million mu, ranking first in China; and it has well-known enterprises such as Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-tech Co., Ltd., advanced in technologies globally, and Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co., Ltd., the world's largest manufacturer of oil field stimulation equipment. It is planned that by 2022, the output value of the city's modern marine industry will exceed RMB 330 billion.

Second, equipment manufacturing industry. Yantai has 700 equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size, with its main business income exceeding RMB 200 billion last year. Among them, CIMC Raffles designed and built the world's most advanced seventh generation ultra-deep water semi-submersible drilling platform "Blue Whale 1", which won the gold medal of China's Excellent Industrial Design; Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Ship Industry Co., Ltd. independently developed a new type of ocean-going fishing vessel, which filled the domestic gap; Shanghai General Motors produced 404,000 complete vehicles, 490,000 engines and 682,000 gearboxes throughout the year; Nanshan Group became the supplier of high-end aluminum for the Boeing Company. It is planned that by 2022, the output value of the city's equipment manufacturing industry will exceed RMB 500 billion.

Third, the electronic information industry. Yantai has cultivated 1 electronic information enterprise with sales revenue of over RMB 100 billion and 2 with that of over RMB 10 billion, forming product clusters such as mobile phones, game consoles, cables, intelligent metering, electronic components, etc. For the field of AI, Yantai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established, an AI industrial park was planned and built, a group of leading talents in this field were gathered, and international summits of artificial intelligence were held for two consecutive years. It is planned that by 2022, the output value of the city's electronic information industry will reach RMB 300 billion, with a focus on the development of new generation IT industries such as AI, wearable devices, integrated circuits and new industrial software.

Fourth, the high-end chemical industry. Yantai has formed a multi-category industrial system of basic chemical raw material manufacturing, synthetic material manufacturing, etc. It has Wanhua Chemical, a MDI supplier with the largest production capacity in the world, and Linglong Tire, an enterprise with the largest tire production capacity in Shandong Province. We are building five key chemical industrial parks like Yantai Chemical Industrial Park. Also, Shandong Province is making full efforts to promote the Refining and Chemical Integration Project of Yantai Yulong Island with a total production capacity of 40 million tons. On this basis, we will build an international first-class R&D and manufacturing base for new high-end chemical materials and fine chemicals, and the output value of the city's high-end chemical industry will reach RMB 250 billion by 2022.

Fifth, the cultural tourism industry. Yantai is a famous historical and cultural city and an excellent tourist city in China. At present, it is accelerating the construction of large-scale cultural and tourism projects such as the sea world with a total investment of RMB 43 billion and Evergrande Children's World with a total investment of RMB 100 billion. Next, it will integrate characteristic cultural tourism resources to build a cultural tourism city internationally renowned. It is planned that by 2022, the added value of cultural and creative industries will reach RMB 60 billion and the total tourism consumption will reach RMB 160 billion.

Sixth, the medical care and health industry. In China, Yantai is one of the first pilot cities to combine medical care with health. At present, it has built 233 medical care and health service institutions with 20,500 beds. In 2018, the city's medical care and health industry achieved a total income of RMB 82.4 billion, up 12%. At present, grasping the opportunity of the implementation of the healthy China strategy, we are planning to build seven major parks such as the International Biomedical Innovation Park, the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Precision Medical Industry Park, the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry Park, the Medical Device Logistics and Pharmaceutical Industry Park, and ten high-end medical centers (specialized hospitals) in oncology, cardio-cerebrovascular and orthopaedics, striving to build an international life science innovation demonstration area. It is planned that by 2022, the output value of the city's medical care and health industry will reach RMB 110 billion.

Seventh, the modern logistics industry. Boasting about the booming development of manufacturing industry and its special geographical location, Yantai has become one of the most suitable cities in China to develop logistics, as announced by Forbes magazine. In 2018, Yantai will realize a total of RMB 2.3 trillion in social logistics. At present, we are pushing forward the construction of five major logistics parks, including Yantai International Comprehensive Logistics Park, Shandong Jitie Yantai Logistics Park and Yantai International Bonded Logistics Park, so as to build Ten major logistics centers, including Shen International ` Yantai Comprehensive Logistics Port and Yantai Transfar Intelligent Logistics Sci-tech City; and we have implemented a series of major interconnection projects, including the Yantai Penglai International Airport Phase II, the west port area of Yantai Port, and the Bohai High Speed Railway, so as to speed up the improvement of air, sea and land efficient logistics systems and build a modern logistics center facing Northeast Asia. It is planned that by 2022, the city's total social logistics has reached RMB 3.3 trillion.

Eighth, the efficient agricultural industry. For the developed agriculture in Yantai, the city has 3 leading agricultural enterprises with annual sales revenue of over RMB 10 billion and 15 listed enterprises with "Nong" brand name. Apple brand of Yantai is worth RMB 13.7 billion and is the only fruit regional brand in China with a brand value of over RMB 10 billion. We are aiming at the green, brand and high-end development to build an important modern and efficient agricultural demonstration area in China.

Key Industries

The modern marine industry. Relying on CIMC Raffles, Yantai will consolidate the advantages of the marine engineering equipment industry, actively participate in the formation of China marine engineering groups, strive for the landing of northern center of China Offshore in Yantai, and accelerate the R&D and manufacture of new offshore fishing equipment, thus building an important marine engineering equipment city in China.

The electronic information industry. Yantai will pay attention to the development trend of the new generation of IT industry, promote the deep integration of IT and manufacturing industry, speed up the layout of big data, AI, virtual reality and other leading industries, with the focus on promoting Foxconn semiconductor and other projects, thus building an important R&D and manufacturing base of domestic consumer electronics product.Equipment manufacturing industry. Yantai will focus on CVT transmission of SAIC General Motors, high-end aluminum of Nanshan Group and other projects, accelerate the layout of new energy vehicles, general aviation and other strategic emerging industries, speed up the landing of key projects, thus building a first-class high-end equipment base in China. 

The high-end chemical industry. Yantai will accelerate the construction of Wanhua Ethylene Project Phase II and strive to put it into operation in an early stage; and will vigorously participate in the restructuring of Shandong local refineries, and strive to start constructing the Refinery New Materials Project of Wanhua in Yulong as soon as possible, so as to create and develop new advantages with major projects.

The cultural tourism industry. The brand of "Coastal Wonderland · Delicious Yantai" for city tourism will be made popular in Yantai. With the topics of summer leisure, seaside vacation, cultural sightseeing and village experience, Yantai will co-ordinate island tourism such as Yangma Island, Zhifu Island and Kongtong Island, shape distinctive tourism brands such as wine cultural tourism, speed up the implementation of several important cultural tourism projects, create Changdao National Tourism Resort, and promote the transformation of tourism from sightseeing to leisure vacation.

The medical care and health industry. Yantai will build a public service platform for medical R&D, promote projects such as the Oriental Ocean Precision Medical Science Park and the Yeda International Biomedical Innovation and Incubation Center, thus creating an international life science innovation demonstration area.

The modern logistics industry. Yantai will foster and develop modern supply chain logistics, promote the construction of Baoneng Yantai International Logistics Center, Transfar Intelligent Logistics Sci-tech City, Longkou Port Intelligent Storage Center and other projects, and add 2 star-level logistics enterprises (parks), with the total social logistics ranking top in Shandong.

The efficient agricultural industry. Yantai will accelerate the development of smart agriculture, with 8 modern agricultural industrial parks and rural complexes newly identified above the municipal level, 160 family farms and 500 farmers' professional cooperatives newly developed; and will actively develop new formats such as featured small towns, health care bases and "e-commerce villages".

Leading Enterprises

LangChao LG Digital Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

LangChao LG Digital Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. was established on January 26, 2002. Its registered place is No.228 Changjiang Road, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province, and its legal representative is Li Kaisheng. The business scope includes the R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of CDMA mobile phones, GSM mobile phones, smart watches, modems, mobile information terminal technologies and other related products, as well as the wholesale and import and export of the above products and related parts and accessories. (The items subject to approval according to laws shall be operated only after relevant approvals are obtained from relevant departments) LangChao LG Digital Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. has two branches here.

LG Display (Yantai) Co., Ltd.

LG Display is subordinated to South Korea's LG Corporation, named "Lucky-GoldStar" when founded in 1985 and changed to its current name in 2008. LGD is the world's first-class display equipment group and the world's second-largest LCD manufacturer. And it is the only company in the industry that has all 8 Panel factories from the second generation to the eighth generation. It is the leading manufacturer and supplier of TFT-LCD panels, OLED and flexible displays, mainly engaged in the production of TFT-LCD panels of different sizes and specifications for different purposes such as TVs, monitors, notebook computers and mobile phones. LG Display has acquired its unique technical strength in high-definition display technology through continuous R&D and investment. In addition, the company has also opened the era of top displays through different technologies such as 3D displays, triple-display LCD panel displays, touch screens, etc. LG Display's Goal and Vision: To Become "World’s No.1 display company". Regarding customers, shareholders and talents as the highest value, the company is steadily moving towards the world's first company. LG Display has 3 factories in China, located in Nanjing, Guangzhou and Yantai respectively. On May 1, 2010, LG Display (Yantai) Co., Ltd. was formally established. Now, Yantai factory is inviting persons of noble aspirations to join us. We sincerely hope that you will join such a united and positive elite team to witness the progress from youth to maturity of the company.

SAIC GM Dongyue Automobile Co., Ltd.

SAIC GM Dongyue Base is composed of SAIC GM Dongyue Automobile Co., Ltd. and SAIC GM Dongyue Powertrain Co. Ltd. The factory is located in Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total area of 1.667 million square meters and a total investment of RMB 13.6 billion. At present, the company has four vehicle production processes of stamping, body, painting and final assembly, and power assembly production workshops of casting, forging, aluminum cast, engine, gearbox, etc. The products cover series cars of more than 20 types, Chevrolet Epica/LOVA/AVEO, 1.4L/1.6L DOHC engine, 1.6L/1.8L Ecotec engine and 3 types of S6 tiptronic gearbox. As the leader of Yantai's local automobile industry, SAIC GM Dongyue Base has played an important role in promoting industrial matching, employment creation, tax compliance and manufacturing industry improvement. Over the years, its total amount of tax paid is among the highest in Shandong Province. And it has ranked first in Yantai's Top 100 National Tax Authorities for four consecutive years and included in the list of the "Top 500 Chinese Tax Payers" for many times, making important contributions to the development of local economy and society.

Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Relying on constantly innovative core technologies, industrialized devices and efficient operation mode, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., the global new chemical materials company, provides customers with more competitive products and solutions. Wanhua Chemical persists on sci-tech innovation as its first core competitiveness and continuously optimizes its industrial structure. Its business covers MDI, TDI, PPG and other PU industrial clusters, acrylic acid and ester, propylene oxide and other petrochemical industrial clusters, WPU, PA emulsion, TPU, ADI series and other functional chemicals and materials industrial clusters. The industries served mainly include: Household, sports and leisure, automobile transportation, construction industry, electronics and electrical appliances, etc. In the field of production, the three major production bases in China, Yantai, Ningbo and Zhuhai, have been operating steadily. In 2011, Wanhua Chemical entrusted Hungary BC Company, thus having its own overseas production base. In the field of R&D, R&D centers in Yantai, Beijing, Foshan, Shanghai and other places have gradually taken shape, with its North American Technology Center officially put into use in Houston in 2017. In addition, Wanhua Chemical has companies and offices in more than 10 countries and regions including Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Currently, its has nearly 11,000 employees worldwide (including BC Company), nearly one third of which are foreign employees. "Creating Value for Customers" being its first mission, Wanhua Chemical is committed to providing stable, high-quality, competitive products and fast and efficient services to customers as a responsible supplier and industry leader. And it will continue to innovate in the field of new chemical materials and lead the development direction of the industry, thus creating a better life for mankind!

Nanshan Group Co., Ltd.

Nanshan Group is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in aluminum industry and textile, as well as industries such as finance, aviation, real estate, health, education and tourism. Its products mainly include electrolytic aluminum, woolen fabrics, securities, insurance and high-grade residential projects, covering Australia, the U.S., Germany, Italy and other countries.

Linglong Group Co., Ltd.

Linglong Tire is a specialized and large-scale technical tire production enterprise with a registered capital of RMB 1.2 billion. After years of innovation and development, it has grown into a well-known domestic tire enterprise with assets of over RMB 10 billion, incomes of over RMB 10 billion and employees of over 10,000, and has entered the Top 20 Tires in the world and the Top Five Tires in China for multiple years. The company has a state-level enterprise technology center and a state-approved laboratory, has built the first noise laboratory and low rolling resistance laboratory in the industry. And it has mastered the cutting-edge R&D and testing methods in the industry, has undertaken multiple state-level technological research topics such as the Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development and China Torch Program, and has led and participated in the formulation and revision of more than 60 national and industry standards, with more than 500 patents at home and abroad.