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Development Advantage

Great potential and a long history.

Located in the center of Beijing and Shanghai, Zaozhuang is one of the most dynamic and potential cities of Southern Shandong Economic Belt and Huaihai Economic Zone.

As the main road connecting east, west, north and south, it has unique traffic location advantages for the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and several railways pass through it.

Zaozhuang is a city with a long history, splendid culture, numerous celebrities and beautiful hills and waters.

It boasts about Baodugu National Forest Park, the world's largest national forest park, and Tai'erzhuang Ancient City, the first cross-strait exchange base of China, etc.

Strong Foundation and Industrial Parks

·The foundation of traditional industries is strong, including equipment manufacturing, chemical industry, building materials, anti-tightened clothing, glass products and agricultural products processing.

·As an important new chemical base in China, Zaozhuang has mastered a number of core technologies with its industrial output value reaching new highs.

·It has 1 national high-tech industrial development zone and 6 provincial economic development zones

·It has 4 provincial chemical industrial parks and 1 national cultural industry demonstration park, i.e., Tai'erzhuang Cultural Industrial Park.

Water-rich Areas and Industrial Transfer

·As a water-rich area in northern China, Zaozhuang has a forest coverage rate much higher than the average level of Shandong

·It succeeded in becoming the national garden city, national forest city and national health city.

·As an important node city on the Beijing-Shanghai line, Zaozhuang has 5 railway stations.

·As an important area for industrial transfer, Zaozhuang is preferred by the Chinese market pioneer.

Cost Advantage and Natural Resources

·Abundant in labor resources, Zaozhuang has lower costs compared to developed coastal areas.

·It has low water transportation costs for the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has a range of 108.4km internally.

·As a national experimental area for rural reform, Zaozhuang is a production base for domestic high-quality commodity grain and characteristic agricultural products.

·With advantageous conditions richly endowed by nature, it has rich mineral resources.

Development Goals

(I) To Foster Emerging Industries

1. A new generation of information technology industry. (1) To develop big data and cloud computing and actively create a national comprehensive test area of big data. (2) To boost the "Internet +" action and strive to create innovative industrial clusters. (3) To foster integrated circuit industry with high performance and strengthen core information technology industry. (4) To upgrade public service platform for software R&D and build high-end software systems

2. High-end equipment. (1) High-end numerical control machine tools. (2) Robot manufacturing. (3)3D printing.

3. New energy and new materials. (1) To promote the upgrading of new energy products for lithium batteries. (2) To complete and strengthen the industrial chain of lithium battery. (3) To improve the sci-tech innovation capability of lithium battery industry. (4) To expand and strengthen the new materials of optical fiber and cable. (5) To build a platform for technological innovation of new materials for promotion of the application and industrialization of achievements. (6) To develop high-performance composite materials. (7) To optimize the development of new textile materials.

4. Medical care and health. (1) To promote the integration of medical care and health. Giving full play to the advantages of ecological resources in southern Shandong, Zaozhuang will promote the integration of medical care and health for the elderly, and innovate traditional Chinese medicine health tourism products. (2) To promote the integration of "Internet + Medical Care and Health". (3) To cultivate the development of diversified formats. (4) To promote the development level of the pharmaceutical industry. (5) To improve the industrialization level of medical devices.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection. (1) To give priority to three major industries: High efficiency & energy saving, clean and environmental protection, and resources recycling. (2) To develop in a staggered way under leadership.

6. Modern logistics. (1) To build a regional inland navigation center for promotion of the specialization and agglomeration of the logistics system. (2) To build a logistics information platform for promotion of the informatization and standardization of the logistics system. Zaozhuang will support the construction of a public information platform for logistics, improve the functions of information publication, information inquiry and comprehensive services, and build a broadband information network for logistics services and a logistics information network for large and medium-sized businesses. (3) To strengthen the development of multimodal transport logistics of highway, railway and waterway. Based on Zaozhuang Railway Logistics Park, the city will strengthen the development of multimodal transport logistics system of highway, railway and waterway.

(II) Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Industries

High-end chemical industry. (1) To extend the industry chain of coal gasification. (2) To promote the industry chain of coal coking. (3) To develop fine chemical industry chain. (4) To develop industry chain of clean energy. (5) To promote the construction of industrial clusters.

Modern high-efficient agriculture. (1) To shape the new type of "New Six Industries" for agriculture. (2) To accelerate the cultivation of "New Six Industries" for agriculture to drive the main body. (3) To optimize the carrier of the development of "New Six Industries" for agriculture.

Cultural creativity. (1) To promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture and create four major cultural brands. (2) To cultivate new cultural formats and promote the integration of "Internet + Culture" industries. (3) To build cultural innovation parks for establishment of agglomeration areas of cultural innovation industries. (4) To cultivate leading cultural enterprise groups and build incubators for small and micro cultural businesses. (5) To perfect the cultural market system for expanding and guiding cultural consumption. (6) To accelerate the construction of modern public cultural service system and vigorously develop cultural affairs.

Top-quality tourism. (1) To implement the construction strategy of top-quality tourist attractions, striving for 5A tourist attractions. (2) To build the brand of "Lufeng Canal" with all rating patterns of tourism development. (3) To promote the integration and development of tourism and other industries and enrich new formats of tourism products. (4) To promote "Big Data+Tourism" and improve the level of tourism public services.

Modern finance. (1) To expand the financial pillar industry. (2) To actively introduce insurance funds. (3) To promote innovation of financial business. (4) To promote the reform of enterprise joint-stock system. (5) To take advantages of the support of fiscal and taxation policies.

Textile services. (1) To build cities and towns famous for cultural sweaters with implementation of municipal brand strategy. (2) To strengthen the technological transformation of enterprises and R&D of product, and strengthen the upgrading of innovative industries. (3) To cultivate dominant backbone enterprises and promote the strategy of enterprise groups. (4) To extend the spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, fabrics, clothing, etc. with improvement of the industrial chain.

Food processing. (1) To realize promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the food processing industry by projects. (2) To realize promotion of the development of industrial groups by leading enterprises. (3) To establish food processing industry clusters in combination with agricultural product planting areas.

Rubber tires. (1) To encourage enterprises to improve the degree of automation and informatization with product promotion and upgrading. The Municipal Finance Department will provide certain support for the investment in technological transformation and informatization of enterprise equipment. (2) To cultivate independent well-known brands and actively expand the market scale. (3) To encourage the development of supporting raw materials and improve supporting platforms for public services. (4) To break through key technologies and equipment in common with development and application of green manufacturing technology. (5) To support leading enterprises to build industrial agglomeration areas.

High-end papermaking. (1) To strengthen technological innovation and develop cyclic economy. (2) To guide the high-end and special products for promotion of the product upgrading. (3) To expand policy support for environment-friendly and special enterprises.

Business services. (1) To create a comprehensive characteristic business circle. (2) To promote the transformation of traditional trade. (3) To cultivate the professional market.

(III) Substitution of Resolving Excess Capacity

Coal. (1) To strengthen information construction and improve coal production efficiency. (2) To strengthen the sci-tech innovation of coal enterprises and improve their supply capacity. (3) To establish a coal mine withdrawal mechanism to promote the restructuring of the coal industry. (4) To promote energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of circular economy.

Coal power. (1) To optimize the industrial structure and eliminate backward production capacity. (2) To increase the development of coal, electricity, gas and other resources outside the province. (3) To start energy conservation and emission reduction.

Glass. Zaozhuang will accelerate the glass deep processing with the focus on the development of building energy-saving glass, decorative art glass, etc.; and to produce high-grade glass products, improve the concentration of production and operation, so as to be one of the important bases for glass and deep processing in Shandong, even in China.

Cement. Relying on cement backbone enterprises, Zaozhuang will adjust the industrial structure, shut down small and medium-sized cement plants with backward technologies and restrict backward production capacity; in contrast, give priority to the production of high-quality cement, special cement, customized cement and cement products, expand overseas markets, digest local production capacity, thus gradually transforming the cement industry from a quantitative type to a sci-tech type and a benefit type.

 Investment Demand

Coal chemical industry and fine chemical industry

Project of annual output of 50,000 tons of derivative fine chemicals of epoxyethane, Xuecheng Chemical Industry Park, etc.

New building materials

Project of fine processing of high quality glass in Glass Pioneer Park, construction project of aluminum profile production line, etc.

Equipment manufacturing

Manufacturing project of Shandong Yongle Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. and project of precision casting production line with annual output of 90,000 tons

Equipment manufacturing project

Industrialization project of high-precision shock absorber parts and project of high-speed fluid impeller manufacturing, etc.

Textile clothing

Environmental packaging production line construction project of Hengda Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. and project of 60,000 ingots knitting production construction, etc.

Modern agriculture

Agricultural product deep processing project of Tengxiang and technical transformation project of 90,000 tons of brewed soy sauce and vinegar production line, etc.

Strategical emerging industries

Project of annual output of 1.5 million tons of new environmental biological liquid film, incubator 2.0 project of sci-tech innovation industry park, etc.

Modern service industry

Jiayu Youth Pioneer Park, Shandong Shimao Safe Food Quality Testing Center and the investment project for market

 Key Industries

The chemical industry. It focuses on the cigarette filter tip, ethylic acid silk fabric, engineering plastics, coal derived new energy, pharmaceutical intermediates, warm fiber composites, high-purity electronic chemicals, high-performance water processing and other fields.

Equipment manufacturing industry. It focuses on high-end numerical control machine tools, intelligent mining equipment, chemical machinery equipment, paper machine equipment, advertising equipment, heating equipment, advanced textile printing and dyeing equipment, special valves and other special equipment.

The high-end equipment industry. It focuses on the aviation industry, rail transportation equipment industry and intelligent manufacturing equipment, guided by numerical control and characterization. Giving full play to basic advantages, it will break through key technologies and core components, improve the level of comprehensive integration, with the focus on the construction of projects such as engine blade grinding array machine tools, precision micro and small composite processing centers, production lines for key components of industrial robots, so as to build a national industrial base for high-end numeral control machine tools.

The high-end chemical industry. It plays the role of a platform for technological innovation and industrialization of new chemical materials from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. By extending the coal industry chain and upgrading the coal coking industry chain, and developing the industrial chain of fine chemicals and new chemical materials, it will follow a coal-based, coal-extended and coal-exceeded path for development. In this case, it can further promote the transformation and upgrading of safe production in the chemical industry and promote the development and intensive development of enterprise personnel.

The big data industry. It focuses on the "Internet Town" and South Shandong Big Data Center to build a distinctive platform for the development and investment of the Internet, IoT Economic Industrial Park and emerging industries, giving priority to the introduction of projects in the fields of creative entrepreneurship, software development, technological retirement, tourism, etc., with emphasis on software development, big data R&D applications, e-commerce, etc. It will speed up the formation of scale effect and further promote the "6161 Project Construction" of Intelligent Zaozhuang.

The lithium battery industry. It has built a relatively complete industrial chain of lithium battery materials - lithium battery - control system - testing and inspection - power battery. Based on standard advantages, efforts have been made to match, serialize and complete products. More attention shall be paid to businesses in lithium materials, lithium batteries, control systems, inspection meetings, power batteries, energy storage batteries, etc.; thus boosting the production chain of lithium products, energy and automobiles in Zaozhuang and building a lithium industry base.

The medical and health industry. We will give full play to the guidance of the health care industry funds, increase support to industries such as biomedical and medical device boards, so as to foster biomedical industry clusters. In addition, we will accelerate the construction of projects such as the Medical Device Industrial Park, the National Pharmacopoeia Museum, and the Health Industrial Park, so as to create a regional highlight for the development of medical care and health.

Modern agricultural industry. Business will be focused on the construction of a modern agricultural industrial system, emphasizing the construction of five major industrial zones, namely, grain and oil, vegetables, livestock and poultry, fruits and aquatic products with characteristics, with the introduction of new types of major projects for large-scale operation. And we will vigorously develop family farms, farmers' professional cooperatives, large farmers and other new business entities.

Leading Enterprises

Zaozhuang Mining (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. originated from "Zhongxing Mining Bureau", which was founded in 1878. In 1899, Zhongxing Mining Bureau was transformed into "Zhongxing Company", which was the first national government-supervised and merchant-managed joint-stock enterprise in China. On this basis, Zaozhuang Mining Bureau was established in 1956, transformed into Zaozhuang Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. in 1998, and became the ownership enterprise of Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd. in 2011.

In recent years, Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group Co., Ltd. has actively fulfilled the political, social and economic responsibilities as a state-owned enterprise, implementing the strategic direction of national transformation and structural adjustment, defining the strategic orientation of "coal-based and moderately diversified transformation and development for internal stability and external expansion", and implementing the development strategy of "enterprise supported by real economy, transportation promoted by logistics and trade, and achievements created by capital operation". We will accelerate the pace of conversion of new and old kinetic energy on the strategic task of "Keeping Steady to Reach Far" and the overall goal of building a new Zaozhuang mine of "Excellent Ability and Strong Wealth". Besides, we will give full play to the leading and political core functions of the Party organization, taking "One branch, one fortress; one party member, one banner; one cadre, one benchmark" as the goal, and taking the path of systematization, standardization, project, benchmarking, tangibility and informatization, so as to vigorously promote the Party building work in enterprises, continuously conserve the political ecology of "Respect, Tolerance, Cleanness and Discipline", and strive to transform the political advantages of the Party building into development advantages. The enterprise has shown a good situation of integrity, scientific management, continuous optimization of industrial structure and steady improvement of development quality.

At present, the enterprise has an annual output of over 30 million tons of coal, over 3 million tons of coke, 1.5 billion KWH of power generation and 13 million tires, with an annual operating income of RMB 100 billion. With external development covering Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan and other provinces at home and Thailand, Canada, Singapore and other countries and regions abroad, Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a large cross-border, cross-regional, cross-industry and cross-ownership enterprise group integrating coal production and processing, coke chemical industry, rubber chemical industry, cogeneration of heat and power, and material, trade and finance. It has successively won the titles of "National Model Enterprise", "National Modernization Innovation Unit of Enterprise Management" and "National Excellent Unit of Enterprise Culture".

Levima Advanced Materials Corporation

Levima Advanced Materials Corporation, a subsidiary of Levima Group, is a group company specializing in fine chemicals and new chemical materials industry. Relying on a new type of chemical industry with development prospects, Levima Advanced Materials Corporation is committed to building a large-scale, influential and comprehensive competitive chemical industry cluster by establishing a high-end olefin deep processing industry chain. At present, it has Levima (Jiangsu) Research Institute, Levima Chemical Commercial Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries, with nearly 5,000 employees in total. The ethylene oxide unit of Levima Advanced Materials Corporation uses the ethylene oxidation EO process technology of Scientific design Company Inc.; the alkoxylation unit uses the 5th generation alkoxylation process of the most mature and reliable technology department of DesmetBallestra S.p.A, Italy. For friends from all walks of life, welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.

Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator Co., Ltd.

Established in March 2016, Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China National Building Material Company Limited. It is a state-controlled mixed-ownership economic entity jointly funded by Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Fiberglass Research&Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Tengzhou Yingke Hezhong Investment Management Center. The company has a registered capital of RMB 300 million and is specialized in R&D, production, sales and technical services of high-performance lithium battery separators. Its main products are 5 ~ 20μm wet bidirectional synchronous stretching separators and various coated separators, which are applied to the fields of new energy automobile power batteries, 3C consumer batteries, energy storage batteries, etc.

Based on more than 20 years of R&D achievements and production technology of Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of film materials, Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator Co., Ltd. has brought together R&D experts and production management experts in relevant fields at home and abroad, so as to form the enterprise team with the highest proportion of technical personnel in this field in China. Currently, there are 115 professional and technical R&D personnel, including 106 master's and 6 doctoral students. At present, it has 11 patents (7 of which are invention patents) and has established a production-study-research cooperation base with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, forming the core competitive advantage of the enterprise.

The company, the first enterprise in China to realize large-scale production of the technology, has adopted the most advanced wet bidirectional synchronous stretching process with independent intellectual property in the world and built the world's first wet synchronous bidirectional stretching production line with a width of 4m, a speed of 50m/min and the highest degree of intelligence. Its intelligent control of the whole production process enables real-time on-line quality inspection and tracing of products in all processes, as well as informatization of all processes from order acceptance to shipment and digitalization of all products, thus effectively ensuring product quality and operation efficiency. The produced lithium battery separator has excellent and stable performances, which can ensure high safety, high cycle life and excellent electrochemical performance of the battery, thus improving the competitiveness of the company's products. The company's products have passed the certification and use of many domestic and foreign high-end lithium battery manufacturers.

At present, the company has a production capacity of 240 million square meters per year of base film and 40 million square meters per year of coating film. By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the company will have a production capacity of 648 million square meters per year of base film and 280 million square meters per year of coating film to meet the growing demand for high-quality separators in the domestic and foreign lithium battery markets and strive to become the first domestic R&D type lithium film manufacturing enterprise with comprehensive competitiveness.