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Urban advantages

Traffic hub, key passageway 

·Zibo City is located at the junction of mountain area of central Shandong and plain of north Shandong in the central part of Shandong Province, China. It is an important transportation hub city in Shandong Province, and is also the key passageway connecting the central plains region and Shandong Peninsula, with an area of 5,965 square kilometers.

·It is located at the intersection of the two national strategic economic zones of the Yellow River high-efficiency eco-economic area and Shandong peninsula blue economic area and the economic circle of Shandong's provincial capital city agglomeration. It nears Yimeng Mountain in the south that borders Linyi, nears North China plain in the north that borders Dongying and Binzhou, borders Weifang in the east, borders Jinan, the provincial capital in the west, and nears Taian and Laiwu in the southwest.

Old capital of Qi State, famous city of ceramics 

·Zibo City is the old capital of Qi State and one of the famous historical and cultural cities in the country. It is the origin area of world football and has a cultural tradition of "ruled by law, openness, inclusive, business worship and attached great importance to industry". 

· It is one of earliest pottery producing areas of China and one of five major porcelain capitals of China. With a ceramic culture of more than 8,000 years, it has been jointly named "Famous Chinese Ceramics City" by China National Light Industry Council and China Ceramics Industrial Association. 

Obvious industrial economic advantages

·Zibo City has been designated as a national pilot for the regional agglomeration and development of strategic emerging industries and a national comprehensive pilot for new urbanization. Zibo city has been included in the comprehensive pilot zone of Shandong's new and old kinetic energy transformation. Zibo High-tech Zone has been included in the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.

·Zibo has the advantages of industrial foundation and park carrier. It is an important petrochemical, pharmaceutical and building materials production base in the country. It has developed into 15 key industrial parks, has a Zibo Bonded Logistics Center (Type B), and has now opened the "Zibo" China-Europe freight train.

High-quality business environment and human resources 

·Advantages of talents and science and technology. It has 10 higher educational institutions, including Shandong University of Technology, a provincial key university, with 132,700 students at school. 

·Advantage of business environment. Further promoting the construction of the "city with three most" with the fewest administrative examination and approval items, the highest administrative efficiency and the lowest administrative cost, and deepening the reform of "simplifying administration and delegating power, combining decentralization and management, and optimizing services".

Development goals

To create Chinese famous city of new materials 

Implementing the "high-end materials + high-end industries" strategy to promote the shift from basic general-purpose materials to high-end specialized materials; expanding and strengthening the high-end manufacturing industry, expanding the space for large-scale application of new materials, and promoting an industrial ecosystem in which the localized supply and consumption of new materials are effectively linked. 

To make national health industry valley

Keeping up with the forefront of the development of international life science, building innovation chain for bio-medicine and bio-engineering, medical devices and pharmaceutical equipment industries, focusing on developing bio-medicine and new pharmaceutical preparations, traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs, high-end medical equipment and health care food, strengthening the pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical accessories and other advantageous industries, and actively developing green agricultural biological products.

To construct Chinese famous city for electromechanical equipment manufacturing 

Improving the capability of independent design, manufacturing and general contracting of advanced major equipment, building an efficient and energy-saving innovation chain for motor and transmission equipment and high-end pump industries, focusing on developing new energy vehicles and components, new motors and pumps and other advantageous products, and actively cultivating and developing high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent engineering machinery, intelligent transportation vehicles, new sensors, satellite navigation equipment, remote sensing equipment, supporting products for aerospace and nuclear power equipment, supporting equipment for smart power grids, wearable equipment and other intelligent manufacturing equipment and products. 

To establish the highland of Shandong energy saving and environmental protection industry 

Making major breakthroughs in key core technologies such as energy efficient utilization, environmental pollution prevention and VOC comprehensive treatment, building industry innovation such as chain non-toxic denitrification catalyst and comprehensive utilization of resources, focusing on the development of environmental protection materials, environmental protection agents and sewage, sludge, malodorous gas treatment technology and equipment, thin film solar cells, ultra-white glass for photovoltaic cell substrate, semiconductor components and other solar equipment, energy-saving services, socialized operation of environmental protection facilities, environmental consultation, environmental supervision, engineering design, certification and evaluation and other energy-saving and environmental protection services, fostering and developing new forms of energy conservation and environmental protection such as dynamic monitoring of resources and environment, intelligent environmental protection, online waste trading, and contract energy management. 

To build a strong city of Shandong electronic information industry

Giving priority to the development of the information industry, creating industrial innovation chains for electronic information materials and key components, integrated circuits, applied electronics, software and information services, breaking through bottlenecks such as core electronic components, high-end chips and basic software, and vigorously developing micro-electromechanical, capacitors, relays and metal oxide semiconductors to promote the high-end and branded transformation of the building materials industry. Controlling the total production, adjusting the industrial structure, improving the product grade, plunging in from the brand, design, equipment, technology and other links, improving the building materials industry supporting facilities and technical level and building high-end brand of domestic ceramic industry. Compressing cement production capacity and developing new energy-saving building materials. 

To promote the green and deep transformation of metallurgical industry 

Accelerating the pace of technological transformation, upgrading and joint restructuring, focusing on eliminating backward production capacity such as ordinary steel, coking and electrolytic aluminum, promoting structural upgrading and enhancing the core competitiveness of industries such as nonferrous metals, rare earth materials and high-end refractory materials. By the end of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", the main business income and profits and taxes shall reach RMB 150 billion and RMB 20 billion respectively. 

To drive the personalized and service-oriented transformation of textile and clothing industry

Strengthening the industrial chain, upgrading the value chain, expanding the marketing chain, innovating the brand operation and product marketing mode, exploring the "C2M+ naked price +O2O" mode of clothing under the internet thinking, and expanding and strengthening Zibo textile and clothing independent brand. 

To implement the "new round of technological transformation plan" 

Actively using new technologies, processes, equipment and materials to transform and upgrade traditional leading industries such as chemical industry, machinery, building materials, metallurgy, textile and clothing, improving quality and efficiency, reducing emission consumption, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading to advanced manufacturing. By the end of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", the rate of industrial added value above the designated size shall be increased to over 22%. 

To promote the transformation of chemical industry to fine chemical industry and new chemical materials 

Organizing the adjustment of chemical industry layout of whole city, promoting the park, intensive, cluster and green development of chemical industry, and realizing the transformation from a traditional petrochemical base driven by resources to a multi-chain modern chemical industry cluster driven by technological innovation. 

To drive the transformation of machinery industry to high-end equipment manufacturing 

Improving the level of R&D, manufacturing and system integration, promoting the application of flexible production systems, automation systems, intelligent control systems and industrial robots, and strengthening complete sets of equipment for automobiles and components, pumps, motors and drive systems, as well as diesel engines, chemical equipment, building materials equipment and agricultural machinery equipment.

Investment Demand

New chemical materials: Focusing on the introduction of Eastman, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Formosa Plastics Corporation, BASF, Bayer, Honeywell, Sumitomo and other enterprises.

Inorganic nonmetallic materials: Focusing on the introduction of Saint-Gobain, British Vesuvius, Japanese Kyocera, Tokuyama, Grumman and other enterprises. 

New metal materials: Focusing on the introduction of GKN, Carpenter of US, Ehrman of France and other enterprises. 

Efficient motors and pumps: Focusing on the introduction of Siemens, Citizen, Schneider, Harmonic, Nabtesco, US ITT, KSB of Germany, Sulzer of Switzerland and other enterprises. 

Intelligent equipment manufacturing: Focusing on the introduction of Gildemeister, Schuller, ABB of Sweden, Yaskawa of Japan, Kuka of Germany, Fanuc of Japan and other enterprises. 

Special equipment: Focusing on the introduction of Honeywell, Eagle Fluid, Cummins of US, IBG of Germany and other enterprises. 

Pharmaceuticals and health products: Focusing on the introduction of Pfizer, Roche, Bayer, Sibiono, Dakewe, DSM, Herbalife, By-health, Amway and other enterprises. 

Medical equipment and rehabilitation devices: Focusing on the introduction of Siemens Healthineers, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Weinmann, ResMed and other enterprises. 

Pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical auxiliary materials: Focusing on the introduction of Rayson, Valmet, Schott, Saint-Gobain, DuPont and other enterprises. 

IGBT industrial chain: Focusing on the introduction of German Infineon, Mitsubishi Electric, Jete Technology, INVT, Taiwan Panjit and other enterprises. 

Smart card industrial chain: Focusing on the introduction of Texas Instruments, Intel, TSMC and other enterprises. 

MEMS industrial chain: Focusing on the introduction of Avago, InvenSense, TSMC, HP and other enterprises. 

Smart grid: Focusing on the introduction of ABB, IBM, General Motors, EDF and other enterprises. 

Application of new generation of information technology: Focusing on the introduction of Apple, Google, Samsung and other enterprises.

Top ten industries with value of RMB 100 billion respectively

Electronic information

1.IGBT industrial chain: IPMs applied to various fields, including electric vehicles (EVs) and variable-frequency drives (VFDs). 

2.IGBT industrial chain: chips of financial IC cards, packages of NFC chips on mobile phones, and IC card package carrier tape. 

3.MEMS industrial chain: design and manufacturing of various MEMS, such as gyroscopes and accelerographs. 

4.Smart grid: dynamic reactive power compensation device, smart kilowatt-hour meter of high voltage, automatic power scheduling and control device. 

5.New generation of IT applications: the industry of IT applications in new business activities, including IoT, big data, cloud computing, AI, software, geographic information. 

New Medicines

1.Pharmaceuticals and health care products: focusing on researches of new products, modern Chinese medicines, modern health care products and TCM health care products, including cephalosporins, heat-clearing and analgesic medicines, new vaccines, nanobody, antibody medicines, virus vector medicines and antibody-drug conjugates. 

2.Medical equipment and recovery equipment: diagnostic and treatment equipment, equipment for dysfunctions, recovery and fitness equipment. 

3.Medical package materials and pharmaceutical excipients: new high-end medical excipients, such as slow-release cellulose plant hollow capsules, slow-release liquid hard capsules, and enteric capsules; supporting production equipment of pre-fillable syringes, and pre-fillable syringe products of various specifications. 

New Materials

New chemical materials: focusing on developing organic polymer materials, including high-performance carbon fiber, high-end resin, high-performance polyurethane and polyamide; new fluorine silicone materials, including refined fluorine chemicals, fluororesin, fluoro coatings, organosilicon materials, chloride chlor-alkali ion membrane, and fuel cell membrane. 

Inorganic non-metal materials: focusing on developing advanced ceramic materials, high-end refractory materials, functional glass materials, etc. 

New metal materials: focusing on developing new metallurgical materials, such as fine steel processing; new non-ferrous metal materials, including new aluminum matrix materials, titanium and titanium alloy, aluminium-magnesium alloy, zirconium and zirconium alloy; new rare earth materials. 

Leading Enterprises 

Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, and is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed enterprise on the GEM. At present, the company has a number of participating and holding companies such as Beijing Gene Tron Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jincheng Taier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Laneva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), Shanghai Gene Tron Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jincheng Jinsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Jincheng Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Italy Hyalblue Co., Ltd. Through the "industry + capital" two-wheel drive development mode, the company has established a unique industrial chain of medicine and health pharmaceutical industry with Jincheng characteristics. Its business scope covers such industrial fields as biopharmaceuticals, cephalosporin pharmaceutical intermediates, characteristic bulk drugs, terminal preparations, health products, new materials, emerging high-end medical devices, and has now formed an industrial scale with annual operating income of RMB 2.8 billion and total assets of nearly RMB 5 billion. 

Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has more than 3,800 employees, covering an area of more than 600 mu with a total asset of RMB 3 billion. Qidu Pharmaceutical is a comprehensive research-based pharmaceutical production enterprise with injection as the main component and oral preparations and bulk drugs. Its products mainly cover the fields of basic infusion, intravenous nutrition, plasma substitutes, anti-infection, antineoplastic, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, endocrinology, pharmaceutical packaging materials and medical consumables. It has more than 170 drug production approval numbers. Qidu Pharmaceutical has long been committed to research on intravenous infusion and intravenous drug allocation technology in the injection business. It has a professional sales team and technical support department. It can provide all kinds of intravenous drug combination schemes and intravenous drug allocation technical support with full specifications for all kinds of medical institutions. It can provide high-quality products and services for all patients needing emergency treatment through close cooperation with medical institutions.

Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1943. After more than 70 years of development, the company has become an H-share and A-share listed company, an important production and export base of antipyretic and analgesic drugs in the world, an important domestic manufacturer of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, anti-infection drugs, central nervous system drugs, biological drugs, etc. It has four pillar industries of chemical bulk drugs, pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical intermediates, and pharmaceutical commercial logistics, six industrial parks, with total assets of RMB 5.4 billion and more than 6,400 employees, with annual production capacity of 38,000 tons of chemical bulk drugs, 500,000 tons of pharmaceutical intermediates, 8 billion tablets, 800 million small-volume injections, 10 million bottles of large-volume injections, and 1.5 billion capsules. The company is one of the top ten technological innovation enterprises in China's medical industry and the top 50 in China's pharmaceutical industry. It has 9 holding subsidiaries at present. The "Xinhua Brand" trademark is a well-known trademark in China and is an export brand that the Ministry of Commerce focuses on cultivating and developing. 

Shandong Dongyue Group

Dongyue Group was founded in 1987 and listed on Hong Kong's main board in 2007. The company has grown into a high-tech enterprise of fluorine silicon materials along the development direction of science and technology, environmental protection and internationalization within 32 years. The company insists on scientific and technological innovation, controls a large number of independent intellectual property rights in new environmental protection, new materials, new energy and other fields, breaks many foreign technological monopolies in new environmental protection refrigerants, high-tech fluorine silicon materials, ionic membranes and other fields, and realizes localization substitution. It is an excellent supplier of Gree, Midea, Haier, Hisense, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Changhong and other famous domestic and foreign enterprises. Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, He Guoqiang, Zhang Gaoli and other party and state leaders visited Dongyue one after another and spoke highly of Dongyue's major independent innovation achievements in the development and localization of fluorine silicon materials, especially ionic membranes. The company has successively won honors such as China's Famous Brand, China's Well-known Trademark, the National May 1 Labor Medal, and the National 100 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprises. It has State Key Laboratory, National Enterprise Technical Center, Postdoctoral Workstation, and Taishan scholar positions. It has undertaken major scientific and technological projects such as the China Torch Program, the Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development, the National Key Technology R&D Program of the 11th Five-Year Plan, and the High-tech "No.1 Project" in Shandong Province. It is one of the 18 "National Innovation Bases for Promoting Trade and Export by Science and Technology" determined by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical Group Co. Ltd.

Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical Group is a modern enterprise group mainly engaged in oil refining. It was founded in 1992 and has 2,300 employees and total assets of RMB 15 billion. It has been listed in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" for 11 consecutive years and has achieved sales revenue of RMB 52.9 billion in 2018. The group has a primary processing capacity of 5.9 million tons of crude oil and a comprehensive processing capacity of 12 million tons. The production facilities are well equipped. The production technology, technical capability and product quality have all reached the domestic advanced level. The quality of gasoline and diesel oil has reached the national VI standard. The products are sold well all over the country. 

Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd.

Shandong Doguide Group was established in 2002, with 4 wholly-owned and holding companies, covering an area of 700,000 square meters and employing more than 2,200 people, including nearly 600 scientific and technical personnel. With an annual output of 160,000 tons of titanium oxide, 900,000 tons of sulfuric acid and 60,000 tons of ammonium sulfate, the Group has developed into one of the largest titanium oxide production bases in Asia. A leading technology R&D center in the domestic titanium oxide industry has been established based on the existing postdoctoral research workstation, academician workstation, provincial enterprise technology center and Taishan scholar positions. The group cooperated with the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences to complete the "Titanium Dioxide Clearer Production Technology and Demonstration" project; which has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of "clearer production technology of titanium dioxide by ammonium sulfate-titanium co-production method" organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China, the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. The technology will be promoted nationwide as a clearer production standard for the domestic titanium dioxide industry. 

Qilu Eastman Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Qilu Eastman Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company and is a joint venture between Eastman Chemical Company and Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company. The joint venture company is an important step for Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company to make high value-added carbonyl derivative industry, giving full play to advantages in carbonyl derivative technology of Eastman and in terms of operation management and original integration of Sinopec Qilu petrochemical industry. The joint venture company is located in Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, the existing site of Qilu Petrochemical Company. Its main products are Texanol ester alcohol and TXIB plasticizer. 

Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company

Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company is an oversize petrochemical joint enterprise directly under Sinopec. It is located in Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, and covers an area of 24.8 square kilometers. It is an oversize refinery, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer and chemical fiber joint enterprise integrating petrochemical industry, salt, coal and natural gas chemical industries. The company was founded in 1966. After more than 40 years of construction and development, it now has a comprehensive refining capacity of 10.5 million tons/year, an ethylene production capacity of 800,000 tons/year, and an annual chemical production capacity of 1.1 million tons for synthetic resin, 450,000 tons for caustic soda, 300,000 tons for rubber, 450,000 tons for benzene, 435,000 tons for alcohols, 480,000 tons for urea and 500,000 kilowatts for installed thermoelectric capacity. It mainly produces more than 120 kinds of petrochemical products of various brands such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, etc. Among them, production capacities of butyl octanol, styrene-butadiene rubber and polyvinyl chloride (ethylene process) are among the top in China. In recent years, the company has thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, continuously strengthened internal management, actively carried out energy conservation and emission reduction, worked hard to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, and conscientiously fulfilled the economic, political and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises.