Fine tourism

Time:01-14-2021 09:35

Industry introduction

1. Scenic spot: at present, there are 1,173 class-A scenic spots in Shandong, the quantity of which ranks the first in China, including 11 5A-level scenic spots.

2. Resort: there are 45 tourist resorts, the quantity of which ranks the second in China, including 4 national tourist resorts.

3. Travel agency: 2,216 travel agencies, the quantity of which ranks the fourth in China, including 214 outbound travel agencies.

4. Star-grade hotels: 663 star-grade hotels, the quantity of which ranks the fourth in China, including 34 five-star hotels.

5. Base project: 61 "model villages of rural tourism in China", the quantity of which ranks the first in China. With the rapid development of new business, there are 492 bases in Shandong, the types of which include study travel, industrial tourism, hot spring and skiing, traditional Chinese medicine and health, yachting and sailing, self-driving camp and low-altitude flight, and there are also 193 tourism projects including festival tourism, tourism performing art, health care and elderly care.

Development goals

Industrial cluster By 2022, there will be 2 core clusters for the development of boutique travel: a quality cultural tourism development pilot zone in Jinan provincial capital city circle, a 300 billion level cultural tourism industry cluster; an extensive Qingdao-Yantai quality marine tourism development pilot zone, a 500 billion level coastal tourism industry cluster.

Leading areas of development There will build 6 boutique travel development leading areas: Holy City of the East of traditional Chinese culture in Qufu, Qi culture of the ancient capital of Qi in Zibo, red culture in Yimeng, marine tourism in Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, ecological culture in the Yellow River Delta and spring culture in Jinan.

High-end scenic spot There will build 20 bases for new and old kinetic energy conversion and boutique travel, 20 quality tourist resorts, 50 quality tourist attractions, 100 quality urban leisure tourism blocks (communities), 200 quality tourist hotels and 100 villages featuring boutique travel.

Quality project construction

Marine tourism 

Coastal resort hotel cluster: Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai and Rizhao should learn from the modes of Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay of Sanya, and each city should build at least one high-end resort hotel cluster bay area. There should build resort hotel clusters in the main urban area, West Coast New Area and Aoshan Bay of Qingdao, in Penglai of Yantai, in Haoyunjiao Resort of Rongcheng, Weihai, and in Shanghaitian of Rizhao.

Rural tourism

Boutique travel village: promoting a number of boutique travel villages, such as Matao Village and Basuoquan Village in Jinan and Dongmaiyao Village in Qingdao.      

Boutique travel town: promoting a number of quality rural tourism parks such as Muxin Town in Yiyuan County and Lianhua Town in Xintai City.

Quality rural tourism resort: promoting a number of rural tourism resorts, such as Boshan rural tourism resort and Yimeng special town rural tourism resort.            

Quality homestay inn: guiding the standardized development of quality homestay inns such as Weilan Shanju in Qingdao and Shangshe Homestay Inn in Zibo.

Cultural tourism

Top 10 cultural tourist destination brands: continuing to build cultural tourist destination brands including Holy City of the East (Qufu), Fairy Coast (Jiaodong Peninsula), Blessing Mount Tai, The City of Spring (Jinan), the ancient capital of Qi (Zibo), Jining Canal, native places of Water Margin, Estuary of the Yellow River, Yimeng of family affection, the city of kites and dinosaur fossils (Weifang). Each brand is planned to build 1-2 large projects with an investment over RMB 5 billion.

Urban tourism          

Cities rely mainly on the ancient capital of Qi (Zibo), Zhoucun ancient city and the ancient city of Qingzhou to build 100 urban quality leisure tourism blocks (communities) to build cultural tourism cities; the cities also promote festivals such as Weifang Kite Festival, Saint of Calligraphy Cultural Festival and Lu Ban & Mozi Cultural Festival to enrich the urban tourism business.


Quality ecotourism projects: promoting ecotourism projects including Mount Tai, the Yellow River Delta, Kunyu Mountain, Yimeng Mountain, dinosaur remains of Zhucheng, Changdao County, Shanwang fossils, the Changle volcanic cluster, Laizhou Bay, Weihe River and Mi River.

Red cultural tourism

Quality projects of red tourism: promoting key projects including Liugong Island Red Education Base, Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall, Menglianggu Battle Tourist Area, Yimeng Mountain Red Holy Land Park, Yimeng Six Sisters Tourist Area, "Red Women" Tourist Area, Railway Guerrillas South Shandong Red Education Base, the phase II project of Weishan Lake Railway Guerrillas Memorial, The Eighth Route Army Baodugu Anti-Japanese War Memorial, Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall and Heze Ji Lu Yu Revolution Memorial.

Boutique travel

Study travel: Ni Shan Academy, Confucius School, Confucius Research Institute, Sun Tzu Culture Park, Wang Xizhi Calligraphy City, Lu Ban Hometown Science and Technology Museum, Shandong Science and Technology Museum and Songjiang Wushu School.

Healthcare and health maintenance: Jinan Hongjitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Industrial Park, Qingdao Yanhuangyiyi Park and Taian Mount Tai Health Culture Experience Park, etc.

Low-altitude flight: Binzhou Dagao Airport, Laiwu Xueye Airport, Pingdu Airport, Qihe Airport, Feixian General Airport (Linxi) and Penglai Airport.

Industrial tourism: build brands including wine, home appliances, beer, donkey-hide gelatin, apparel, liquor, cuisine, engineering industry, modern maritime, aircraft industry, handicraft industry and craftsmen.