Shandong Makes the First Overall Planning on Development of Development Zone: Cultivating 59 Hundred-billion Development Zones

Time:09-17-2021 12:09

Recently, approved by the provincial government, the provincial development and reform commission issued the Overall Development Plan of Shandong Development Zones (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). This is the first time that the province has made the overall plan for the development of development zones in the province, specifying the overall layout and development strategy of 176 development zones within the province in the future.

Based on the basic situation of the development zones, the Plan defines the main functions of various development zones, puts forward the strategic positioning of building the development zones into provincial leading areas for scientific and technological innovation, pilot areas for deepening reform, leading areas for opening to the outside world, gathering areas for the transformation of old and new drivers and demonstration areas of high-quality, and specifies the development objectives initially taken shape by the industrial system and coordinated development pattern of optimized structure, leading technology, cluster development and distinctive feature by 2025 and looks forward to long-term development goal up to 2035.

The Plan focuses on speeding up innovative development, implementing high-end strategy, deepening market-oriented reform, expanding institutional opening-up, promoting modernization and other key points, and proposes practical actions and measures to hold on the Party's leadership and ensure the implementation of the plan. To consolidate the support for the implementation of the plan, after several rounds of planning and demonstration, the Plan has established six columns, including 371 various engineering projects in terms of innovation platform, emerging industries, optimization and upgrading, infrastructure, etc., and covers 59 "531" hundred-billion development zones. The Plan is attached with the guidance catalog of leading industries in various development zones, the development guidelines of various municipal development zones, and the environmental impact statement of the plan, so as to clarify the development direction and major matters of various municipal development zones.

Next, the provincial development and reform commission will give full play to the leading role of the Plan in the development of the development zones, anchor the objectives and tasks, refine the work measures, strengthen the implementation, do a good job in tracking, evaluation and dynamic management, synchronously guide the release of the overall development plan and industrial development plan of various cities and development zones as soon as possible, and establish a three-level planning system of development zones integrating the upper and lower levels and unifying the development zones across the province so as to accelerate the implementation of the Plan.