Qingdao Introduces "Super Brain" to Create a High-quality Investment Carrier

Time:07-29-2021 16:56

The "compass" of economic development of Qingdao, Shandong in recent years has been taking "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction" as the "first battlefield" of the city's economic work. In 2019, Qingdao won the first place in the first prize of "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction" and the first place of the first prize of high-quality "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction" single award in the whole province. The outstanding honor demonstrates the great importance Qingdao attaches to the introduction of investments and talents.

With the advancement of Qingdao's "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction", the outstanding driving effect on economic growth, independent innovation, and improvement of people's livelihood has become one of the main boosts for the Qingdao city's economic growth.

In order to continue to promote the city's high-quality economic and social development, in May of this year, Qingdao Headquarters for Introductions of Investment and Intelligence issued "2021 Double Recruitment and Double Introduction Promotion Plan (Version 3.0)". The plan clearly states that Qingdao will strive for the five tough battles, establish five major attracting support systems, helping the city's high-quality economic and social development. Among them, the investment carrier and the element guarantee support system are one of the five major support systems, which have become an indispensable part of the foundation of "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction".

How to create a high-quality investment carrier and element guarantee? Qingdao has made brilliant attempts in the construction of smart parks and optimizing grassroots business services by introducing the intelligent "Super Brain".

"Super Brain" Makes the Park Smarter, More Efficient and Worry-free

Investment carriers of Commercial buildings and industrial parks are the "footholds" for attracting investment and talents, as well as the first threshold for enterprises and talents. More efficient management, safer services, more convenient transportation, and greener ecology are bound to attract more high-end enterprises and better talents.

In order to create a smarter and more convenient investment carrier, Qingdao has introduced "Elink Cloud Platform" based on IoT, big data and artificial intelligence technology developed by Qingdao Elink Information Technology Co., Ltd. in the construction of some smart buildings and smart parks. It has installed the "most powerful brain" for buildings, parks and even the entire city.

Technology Empowers Grassroots Governance to Re-optimize the Business Environment

Based on the investment promotion carrier of the park, the governance level and convenience of the entire city are undoubtedly an important guarantee for "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction". Therefore, Qingdao expands the scene of smart application to the entire city. In the North District of Qingdao, 275,000 users, including 12,300 corporate representative users, have built a convenient channel for daily life services and business services through the use of the "Party Group e-Home" information platform. This is conducive to achieve the effective interaction between the government and residents, government and enterprises.

Under the banner of "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction", Qingdao's investment promotion carrier and element guarantee have been used as a solid foundation, and it has been continuously upgraded, iterated, renewed and strengthened, and supported the "high-rise building" of Qingdao economy. Becoming more efficient, more convenient and smarter are also the valuable experience of Qingdao's first trial, which will be an inevitable demand for urban development in the new era.